Since 1988 Advanced Composite Structures has been committed to producing "Sound Solid Solutions" for Rotor Blade and Composite repair requirements. This vision has produced the most effective repair solutions, resulting in cost savings and overall customer satisfaction.

The 20 000 sq. ft.state-of-the-art  facility was completely renovated in 2001, with dedicated areas for Inventory, NDI Inspection, Tear Down, General Shop, Machine Shop, Clean Room, Bonding Equipment and Ovens (250F/350F), Paint and Cure Booths, Static and Electronic Component Balance Room, Offices and additional 10 000 sq. feet of storage space adjacent to the building.

Being part of the major Canadian aerospace hub located in Winnipeg, ACS has access to a wealth of industry support through various professional, private and government institutions such as the Industrial Technology Centre, the National Research Council, and the Composite Innovation Centre.

Being part of this community ensures that every project gets world class professional support.




“It is exciting times for Advanced Composite Structures and we are looking forward to what our future holds for us in the world of aviation” 

At a very young age Bruce was fascinated with the mechanical things in life, especially when it came to airplanes. It was this fascination that led Bruce to the aviation industry, where he started his career path working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice at a Flight Training center in St. Andrew’s Airport.  

In 1981, Composite Technology Inc. Canada employed Bruce as a Rotor Blade Repair Technician where he began his long journey of honing his skill sets in the very specialized field of rotor blade repair. During his time with CTI he was exposed to every make/model of rotor blade being produced, focusing on the detailed repair designs required to return the damaged rotor blades back to an airworthy condition. The results of these activities introduced Bruce to the various manufacturers’ engineering groups and the development of Repair Designs as they relate to specific blade types.  

In 1988, Bruce founded Advanced Composite Structures, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which provides a broad array of composite repair services as they relate to general aviation composite components and structures. A focused commitment to provide the market with “Sound-Solid-Solutions” resulted in attracting larger aerospace companies such as Boeing Canada and Standard Aero. “My vision early on in the development of ACS was to continue to provide the industry with a level of service in this highly specialized field that would see us become a “World Leader, to be compared to, not compared with””. It was this commitment that resulted in additional interest by other large MRO companies who had heard about the benefits that were being realized by customers embracing ACS’s services.  

Bruce’s vision to establish Repair Centers strategically located worldwide began to take shape in 2010 by establishing a Rotor Blade Repair facility in Auckland, New Zealand through an affiliation with Oceania Aviation. This was followed by opening ACS-Florida, located in Sanford, just outside of the Orlando area, which opened its doors in 2013. In early 2015 ACS made its first acquisition by acquiring Rotor-Tech International (RTI), a Rotor Blade Repair center located in Stockton, California.  Rotor-Tech International was formed in 1993 by the former founder Keith Harvey. Through ACS’s continued efforts of establishing strategically located Rotor Blade Repair Centers, they have recently signed an agreement that will launch the 5th center located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 


JAMES ANNING - President & CFO

 After completion of his Bachelors of Commerce (Honours) Degree, James held various Accounting and Auditing positions with various companies.  James has been involved with the company since its inception in 1988 and began working at ACS in 1989 overseeing all aspects of the Administration, Accounting and Financial requirements of the company.  As well, as the Accountable Executive, James is responsible for the overall administrative operations ensuring adequate financial, plant, equipment and personnel requirements are maintained. 


SLOBODAN ORAVEC - General Manager

 15 years of experience in various roles within the aerospace maintenance and manufacturing industry, ranging from rotor blade composite repair to engineering and project management on Boeing 787 and 747-8 programs, has prepared Slobodan for the role of General Manager at ACS Canada. Slobodan's knowledge of composite and rotor blade repair, regulatory requirements, along with his natural ability to provide exceptional customer service, has proven to  be a great asset to ACS Canada. This has aided in ACS Canada's drive to become a key provider of helicopter and fixed wing composite repair services in the Canadian market.  


GLEN FRYE - Quality Manager

 Glen has been with ACS Canada for over 16 years and started off working as a composite technician, then as a rotor blade technician, and is now a quality inspector with SCA status. During Glen's time with ACS, he spent a couple of years with Jeff Small of ACS Florida working on the Whisper Jet program and gained valuable experience through working on and around aircraft. Over the years Glen has been sent around the world to perform repairs and participate in various training programs. Glen has enjoyed his career with ACS Canada and looks forward to the opportunities ahead. 


KRISTA ANNING - A/R, A/P, Purchasing

 Krista's 20 year career at ACS includes a variety of responsibilities, primarily supporting office administration and purchasing of aerospace product. Krista also manages aspects of the company's day-to-day accounting duties including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. Her years of experience within the aerospace industry have provided her with knowledge that is essential when performing yearly audits of key elements of ACS's quality systems. Krista's experience has grown alongside ACS as they continue to evolve and become Worldwide Rotor Blade and Composite repair specialists.​ 


BRENDA TWERDUN - Administrative Assistant

 Brenda started her career in the aerospace industry in May 2002, when she started at Advanced Composite Structures. She has a diverse background in the administrative field and previously worked in a purchasing and marketing environment. Brenda's on going rapport with customers offers a positive experience with ACS through assisting customers with their needs and inquiries. Brenda's primary responsibilities at ACS are order processing, logistics, customer support, and also various administrative support functions within the ACS Group. 


KAYLI O'BRIEN - Project Co-Ordinator & Info Systems

 After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Biology, Kayli realized her passion lied within the demanding environment of the aerospace industry.  Using her skills and discipline gained from University, Kayli oversees the quality aspect of purchasing aerospace product at ACS Canada as well as looks after the accounting of all products and invoices. She recently also took on the marketing for each company involved in the ACS Group, from promotional products to marketing brochures, and is able to step out of the technical side of the industry and use her creativity. Kayli's drive to continually learn new aspects of ACS has proven to be a great asset to the company. 


FRANK BUECKERT - IT / Software Developer

 Frank has been fascinated by technology from a very young age.  At the age of 10, he started experimenting with programming on Apple computers.  He moved onto hardware in high school, customizing and constructing his own computers.  With such a focus on technology, it’s no surprise Frank’s expertise lies with IT.  His career in IT has spanned a wide variety of industries, from call centers and phone switches, to multi-branch industrial support.   Frank oversees all IT related functions at ACS Canada, and is currently working on streamlining and upgrading existing processes to deploy to ACS’ other branches.  Exciting times are ahead!