•  "I wanted to give you some feedback on a set of blades that you guys repaired for us.  They were installed late last week on one of our aircraft that is notorious for having vibrations especially during decent and hover.  This aircraft was also being called up early for a massive wildlife fire in Utah that is endangering 100's of homes, so we were under the gun to get it back in service quickly.   During ground runs our test pilot commented how smooth the aircraft felt and after the first flight he was very impressed how well the blades flew.  They flew so smoothly that we were able to take additional weights off the cabin vibration dampers that had been installed through the years to counter the vibration issues.  We did not have to make any other adjustments which saved us valuable hours of maintenance.  Our test pilot has flown 20 plus years for Sikorsky and has test flown many UH-60's right off the assembly line.  One of his comments was, 'these blades fly better then most blades that come new off the Sikorsky assembly line.'  For a person with his experience to make such glowing comments is truly a testament to the quality of work ACS puts out.  Thank you for producing such a nice set of blades for us, it made our job so much easier to get the aircraft back into service quickly and headed out west this weekend where it is actively flying firefighting operations." 

                        -Eric Wilhelm, Chief Inspector, Firehawk

  •  "All I can say is WOW! I've never had such friendly, fast, and efficient service from a vendor - ever- and I've been in the business for 35 years. We will never send a rotor blade to anyone but Advanced Composite again. " 

                        -Al Shankie, Cadorath Distribution

  • " I would like to thank you and your people in Sanford, Florida for the quick response to our needs, we received the loaner Tail Rotor, installed it, the next day Paul picked up our blade on his way to work and 20 days later he returned it after repairing and painting. We installed the Blade Assy and balanced it, no adjustments were required. Again thank you Jeff and Paul for the quick turn time " 

                        -Paul Collins, Director of Maintenance, Flagler Country  

                         Emergency Services 

  •  "Always get fantastic service and high quality repairs. An absolute pleasure to work with" 

 ​                        -Dennis Bourgouin, Fast Air 

  •  "ACS employees are easy to talk to. Seem to always be in positive mood when having to work and deal with. The few times we used ACS, service was prompt and billing fair value. Looking forward to working in future. Very knowledgeable with work. No hesitations" 

                       -Ken Bell, Manitoba Government Air Services

  •  "All Blades have been balanced almost perfect. Extremely please with results. Costs have been attractive and finished goods nicely. Very satisfied customer"

                        - N.S., Dept. of Natural Resources 

  •  "Always great doing business with you, willing to make room for us when we're in a rush" 

                         -Linda Bird, Black Tusk Helicopters