Rotor-Tech International (RTI) is pleased to have joined forces with Advanced Composite Structures as of February 2015. This union enables RTI to combine their knowledge and expertise with ACS, which will result in expanded repair capabilities and techniques. 

In addition to common repair processes, RTI offers skin repair, leading edge strip replacement, and expanded repair development for most makes and models of; Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter Textron, MD Helicopters, Schweizer, and Sikorsky.

Rotor-Tech provides the highest quality craftsmanship on both metal and composite blades, while working to minimize AOG time. RTI also provides field repairs to maximize convenience for our customers and offer one of the best repair turn around times in the industry.  

RTI has developed many new innovative rotor blade repairs under FAA DER approval. If a blade is damaged beyond the normal scope of repairs but can be safely repaired and returned to service, Rotor-Tech International will engineer and accomplish the repair under FAA DER approval and a form 8110-3 will be issued for the repair.

The acquisition by ACS will result in the development of new and expanded product lines. While at the same time, facility upgrades and tooling modernization will produce a technologically advanced Rotor Blade repair centre that will conveniently accommodate the Western U.S. markets.  



 HERMAN BEVELHIMER - Technical Operations Manager 


My career in the aerospace industry started in 1981, when I was interviewed by Keith Harvey at CTI Dallas.I joined the CTI team and worked my way up through the various stages of repair and became lead technician in 1983. I was sent to various blade manufacturers; Aerospatiale in France, MBB in Germany, and Bell and Sikorsky in the USA. In late 1983 CTI began the process of opening a repair facility in Winnipeg, Canada and I was directed to go and assist in the setup process. This is where I first met Bruce Anning who was one of the first technicians hired at CTI Winnipeg. When I returned to 

Dallas I was  then promoted to Technical Director for all of the CTI facilities and did extensive travel to the helicopter manufacturers to ensure that we were current on blade repair techniques and any issues regarding blade defects. In 1992 I resigned from CTI and became co-founder of International Aviation Composites (IAC) in Irving, Texas. I was actively involved in the initial startup and building the customer base for IAC. In 1993 we invited Dana Kerrick to our team as Marketing Director. We began to grow very rapidly and were able to obtain manufacturer approval from Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky Aircraft, Schwiezer Aircraft, and MD Helicopter. In 2016, I began discussions with Bruce about joining the ACS Group to manage the Stockton, California facility. I agreed to join the team and began working as Technical Operations Manager in July 2016. I plan to bring my vast knowledge of rotor blade repair to the ACS Group and expand the current repair capabilities at the Stockton facility. I feel that with my knowledge in facility start up and managing production I will be able to make RTI the greatest rotor blade facility by improving turnaround times for blade repair and providing the highest quality of blade repair known to the industry.


SCOTT CHADWICK - Production Manager

 February of 2010 Scott joined the Rotor-Tech team with the tools and experience to challenge himself at becoming a rotor blade technician. Prior experience in auto/small engine building and repair, auto body repair, sheet metal fabrication, woodworking, and mechanical drawing has benefited him greatly at RTI. After 2 years of studying blades, manuals, drawings, and repair schematics, he advanced into a supervisory role and was awarded a repairmen’s certificate from The United states Department of Transportation & Federal Aviation Administration. Scott currently oversees much of the daily operations of the facility and reports to the board of directors of RTI and ACS. 


ERNESTO LUNA - Quality Assurance Manager

 With his 10 years of experience in the field of rotor blade repair, Ernesto has completed extensive on the job training and various composite/ aluminum alloy repair courses while working closely with management and engineering departments for various manufacturers. In 2008, Ernesto was presented with the Federal Aviation Administration Repairman Certificate specific to rotor blade repair. Ernesto is currently responsible for the overall operation and continual improvement program of the Quality and Inspection Department at Rotor-Tech. Ernesto’s dedication and total quality assurance has proven to be of great value to Rotor-Tech’s management team 


CINTIA PADILLA - Office Manager

 Accounting and Business Administration has always been a passion of Cintia's. Keeping things in order, under control as well as a close eye on the numbers is what she enjoys most. Her career in accounting began about ten years ago, by working alongside a bookkeeper and several CPAs in maintaining accounting records for clients. During the next several years Cintia attended the University of Phoenix to obtain her Bachelor’s degree while building knowledge by working in various industries ranging from construction, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and non-profits. Cintia's primary responsibilities at Rotor-Tech are to maintain all accounting, office procedures, payroll, designing organizational systems, managing purchasing and providing excellent customer service. Essentially, being able to work as a team and collaborate to solve problems and make the company profitable is her ultimate goal.